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As a branding agency in Abu Dhabi since 2013, we have a developed a well-tested and unique work process for branding with focus on understanding the marketplace and creating a creative identity through strategic thinking and research. The brands we buildhave unique stories that change the landscape by blending passion and creativity with strategic insight which leverage the brand intimacy with audience and build strong brand awareness to achieve strong brand recall too.  

The branding process starts by negotiating a strong value and business proposition with our clients for their brands and that is the fundamental of all the following work.


To assist our clients in taking informed decisions we start the process by understanding the industry, the fundamentals and dynamics that make or break a player in that particular industry then we understand what your brand represents and get to the heart of your brand. We discover opportunities for your brand and provide insights that will enhance the brand. With a clear understanding, we apply our own unique touch to your brand in the next stage of the branding process.

We make sure your brand is uncomplicated and uncluttered for your audience. In light of the insights, we unleash the full potential of the brand by mixing imagination and innovative design with well thought out strategies to provide solutions that deliver the results.  In the last and final stage, we execute the marketing strategy to create a brand identity personality that sets you apart from your competitors.


Brands by Ninety Nine Advertising

Brand & Corporate Identity

No two brands aresame. Our team puts your brand’s voice at the heart of our thinking and strategy. We find and ensure that the name of your brand perfectly resonates with its personality. We make sure that your brand not only has the best name but also has a great feel, look and style that makes a great bold statement in the landscape and connects with your audience. We look at each business with afresh pair of eyes and create a brand name that is completely authentic and compelling for the audience.

As a branding agency in Abu Dhabi, we appreciate the diversity of the market as it brings the best of the brands, therefore we focus on building a character for the brands we manage, not just an outlandish shallow style.

Corporate Identity plays a vital role in building positive experiences for stakeholders. The Corporation’s intrinsic identity is defined around a clear articulation of its values, beliefs, spirits, purpose and competencies. Ninety Nine advertising valuesthe core identity and guiding ambition of the experience of user that the brand promises to the audience.  


We develop a brand blueprint which is the strategic framework around which the brand will rebuild. We offer premium branding package including a new brand logo,letterheads, brochures, business cards, web design and packaging design and more importantly the overall experience the user receives with every encounter with the brand.

The design for corporate identity is a visual representation of your brand and its values. Therefore,we create company design that incorporates and represents personality and core value it provides to the customers.

Brands by Ninety Nine Advertising


Ninety Nine Advertising has served clients all over UAE who were in search of any corporate or brand identity. We help businesses redefine their business module and accordingly reposition the brand as needed. We base these changes just noton visual creativity but on creating a mark that is memorable, recognizable and impactful. Our team sits with you to understand what your business needs and how to breathe new life into your brand and reinvent it in the minds of stakeholders.

Ninety Nine Advertising among the top advertising agencies, marketing companies and digital marketing in Abu Dhabi is a fully fledged agency with comprehensive service offering providing a one-stop shop for clients with repeated level of excellence.

Design & Art Direction

Ninety Nine Design Services strives to create authentic design solutions in Abu Dhabi for brands and corporates. We have been crafting design solutions like logos,branding, custom typography, graphic designs and production designs for SME and startups to Multinational corporations.

A logo plays an integral part of your corporate or brand identity. In most cases it is the first opportunity brand has to convey brand attributes therefore we ensure the selection of colors, symbols, design and fonts for your brand logo are tailored to the brand vision.

The brand issupported with a brand manual which identifies the brand application and implementation to include the Brand Essence, logo and tagline, color palettes, typography, positioning, size and clear space, imagery, voice and style, trademarks and intellectual property, layouts and grids, digital presence and application examples like packaging, interior décor.

Brands by Ninety Nine Advertising

Typically the visual identities include logo, business cards, letterheads, marketing collaterals like brochures and flyers, web design, newsletters, packaging design, exterior/interior signage etc.

All the design solutions are done in high-resolution formats so that your brand communicates and delivers the message to its audience across print and digital platforms to create great user experience. We always provide source files and adaptation for our client’s use.

Ninety Nine Advertising enjoys an established passion to create great designs. We live and breathe for challenges especially when it comes to design. We build the brandon the strategy and insights we have gathered through our extensive research.  Your brand is then brought to life with distinctive and unique identity.

Brands by Ninety Nine Advertising

We not only create a logo, we create an experience for your audiences that will make them engage with your brand. We create imagery and visual language that gives yourbrand a strong visual identity and helps you to communicate to your customers in one unified brand voice.

October 2, 2018

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Ninety Nine Advertising is a top advertising agency in Abu Dhabi since establishment in 2014 providing several advertising and marketing services


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