A complete guide about different types of Signage

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A complete guide about different types of Signage


The world is constantly evolving as new technology enters the market every day. We are now in a digital world and more businesses and companies continue to bring their advertising and marketing online.


However, many brands today underestimate the value and importance of signage; but regardless of the strategies brands put to use, signage is as crucial as any other investment in a digital campaign. Therefore, if signage is not given the right attention, brand image is bound to take a nosedive.


Signage helps to create and solidify a voice for your business, displaying your business for the world to see every single day. So if you've decided to get your signage done, this guide will assist you in learning about the different types of signage.



Categories of Signage


Signages are classified into two broad categories. There's the;


Outdoor signage

Outdoor signages are used to improve and strengthen brand exposure. They are positioned at strategic areas outside the office premises or store.


External Signage in Abu Dhabi
External Signage in Abu Dhabi

Indoor signage

As the name implies, these are placed inside the office or store. Indoor signage mostly displays distinct messages to visiting clients about various products and services rendered.


Internal signage in Abu Dhabi
Internal signage in Abu Dhabi

Types of Signage


1. Environment Graphics

Murals and wraps are very effective at catching the attention of clients and potential clients while introducing them to specific areas of the business. They are very attractive and help to improve your store or office's appeal while also delivering vital information.


2. Window Graphics

Window graphics are fixed to store windows to make the storefront more attractive and alluring. Most store owners make use of Vinyl material for window graphics because of its shiny appearance. Window graphics help to provide vital information to clients while promoting your overall business.


3. Banner Signs

Banner signs are efficient marketing tools even in this digital age. They are used to help promote events or new product launches. Banner signs are flexible, cost-effective, and easily customizable. They can be used as both indoor and outdoor signage. However, ensure you make use of durable and strong materials if you will be using them outdoors.

4. Vehicle Graphics


Vehicle graphics are commonly used by brands and businesses given they are flexible and can be moved around. As the name implies, these graphics are attached to any vehicle be it a business or personal car. Vehicle graphics are used to display information like address and contact details while promoting the brand. Ensure you use durable and well-laminated material for your vehicle graphics. These wraps can last for a long time, providing more value for your investment.


5. LED Message-boards

This signage is best for brands and businesses that want to change their messages a few times a day. Messages are displayed on computerized boards in LED lights. These lights then move across the screen to create space for other information. LED Message-boards are generally used to display vital messages and information.



6. Letter Signs

These signs are ideal for displaying your store and brand name in front of your physical office. You get to decide the font style and size that best suits your brand. For Letter signs, the commonly used signs are channel letters and dimensional letters. Dimensional letters are 3D signs since letters are cut to stand out. Channel letters are plastic or aluminum and are usually lit using neon or LED.  




Promoting your brand and business is as important as running it. The list of various types of signage and their usage is way longer than what is discussed above. This guide is just a general idea on how to establish the ideal visual element for your brand.


So if you're ready, all you have to do is put your thoughts into words, and signage experts will craft an exciting piece of marketing. Give it a try and you will be glad you did.


December 15, 2021

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