Instagram Marketing 2020 - Hashtags for you

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Instagram Marketing 2020 - Hashtags for you

Why Instagram marketing

Why brands fight for popularity on Instagram.  The answer is the number of active users. As of 2019, Instagram has around 800 million users around the world. Because of this huge number of users, Instagram is a great platform for brands to communicate with customers.

Also, the quality of the users on Instagram makes it valuable for brands. That is because most of the Instagram users are active and engaged. This means that the user’s attention is already there, all you need to do is capture it.


So how can you make use of Instagram marketing? This is a question that many people are searching for and many other people claim to offer. In this article, we will share 5 factors that can boost your Instagram marketing and gain Instagram followers.


What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are marks put on content to identify it. This is abroad definition of how hashtags work. If you include the hashtag #AbuDhabi in your post, then you are marking your content as related content to UAE.

This is how your content gets a chance to be viewed by Instagram users searching for content related to the UAE. But before you select a particular hashtag, you need to understand several secrets to hashtags on Instagram.


How to select the right Hashtags?

When selecting a hashtag, it is quite important that you select the right ones. This means you select that hashtags that will get you exposure and gets your content to be viewed by users. Therefore, when you select a hashtag, always select hashtags related to you content. Don’t use “sunny day”for a post with photo of a rainy day, simple. This is very important, because if Instagram’s algorithm don’t punish you for this, the users themselves won’t be interested in your content. This is like trying to sell heavy warm jackets in Abu Dhabi in August. No one will buy any from you!

Once you publish a new piece of content. This new content has one of two ways to be viewed organically. Your follower can see your content on their home timeline, while users not following you can view your content through hashtags.

Each hashtag will have an area for the recent posts mentioning the hashtag. Also the same hashtag will have another area where users can see the top posts of all posts including the hashtag. so when you select a hashtag, you need to understand you are entering a competition with posts mentioning the same hashtag.

Because of this, it is very useful to select hashtags that you can rank good on them. This means that if your average is 1000 likes on a video, it is advisable to keep select hashtags that posts on them usually get between 800-1500. This way you are increasing your chances to be among the top posts of those hashtags.

Instagram Top posts

In the top posts area of a particular hashtag, Instagram algorithm features the top performing posts. It is always a super good thing for your posts to end up in the first 10 top posts of a hashtag. Because those posts tend to stay there for a longtime. Once a post gets on the 10 top posts, this post gets viewed more and get more likes and engagement from users. This is like as snowball. Once it starts rolling, it just gets bigger and bigger.

select your hashtags carefully
Selective selection of Hashtags

Captions for instagram posts
Captions are equally important, don't forget them


Geographical citing can get you some more views
This alone can boost your post, don't miss out on this


share the same post on all platforms for consistency
Keep a consistent message across all platforms
engage your customers
dont miss on a single chance to connect with your cusromers

December 4, 2021

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