Signage Planning Guide

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Signage Planning Guide

Get the best signage in Abu Dhabi

About 67percent of consumers report having purchased products simply because they were intrigued by a brand’s signage.

That’s an awakening insight. No?

More than half of your potential clientele could walk by without ever acknowledging your business – if you fail to get your signs right.

But of course, with us around, that’s not something you’ve to worry about.

Whether you’re a well-established business looking to revamp its signage strategy or a new startup seeking help with signage design – Here, we’ve got you a quick & comprehensive guide on planning your signage from scratch.

The Right Signage Strategy

Before designing, you’ve got to align your goals. What are the goals and objectives that you wish to achieve with this investment?

Do you aim to establish your brand or advertise your ongoing sale? Do you want people at the corner of the street to conveniently locate your shop? Or do you wish to announce the inclusivity your business offers to the differently-abled?

Both business owners and brand strategists should have clear answers to such questions.

Once you have a clear goal in mind, you can opt for one of the following categories and proceed with your signage planning:


1- Branding Signage: These include entrance signs, awnings, window signs, and sidewalk signs. These should be bold and vocal about your purpose in the industry.


2- Informational Signage: These include wayfinding signage, office or reception signage, wall graphics stickers, floor stickers, shelve signage, etc. The purpose of these is to inform your audience about an object/service or provide them with a short instruction.


3- Commercial Signage: These include neon signs, roll-up & pop-up stands, posters, banners, etc. The purpose of this signage is to compel your potential customers to visit you.


Choose the Right Signage Strategy

Once you have the basics outlined, it's time to dive into the details.

Begin planning your signage on a physical or virtual designing tool as per the following:




Your chosen signage category will give you an idea of your canvas. Using this, divide the overall dimensions into a grid.

Set up one focal point of this canvas. It could be both central or otherwise. Just ensure that it dominates the rest of the design with either contrasting colors, lines, or sharp edges/shapes.

Keep the flow of design from left to right & top to bottom because that’s how the human eye instinctually moves.




Write a short, simple, and comprehensive copy for your signage. Say it’s a commercial medium-sized poster that aims to communicate the50% discount that you're currently offering. It’s best to keep the lengthbetween 10-20 words. Experts recommend a length of 7-words for most signage.

The words you pick should be strong and direct. Do not expect your audience to deduce anything. Just speak it up clearly!

As for font design and size, it should be readable from a distance.


Graphics & Color Scheme


Apart from being direct, you ought to be bold and aesthetic with your signage. That’s where the graphics and color scheme come in.

Ensure that you design your signage using catchy symbols& your brand’s color palette. You may use a few complementing shades. But do not forget, staying consistent with your brand colors increases your gains at brand recognition by 80 percent.


Always Consult an Expert!


With that said, always discuss your design with a professional before finalizing and putting it up for development. Remember, poorly designed signage could cost you half of your clientele.

To eliminate this additional cost on your end, we’d be happy to help offer our assistance with signage planning should you decide to advertise with us!

December 15, 2021

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