Top Trends in creative design in 2018

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Several trends we anticipate to grow bigger in design world in 2018 ranging from design and decoration items to user experience and engagements as some trends are totally new and some other trends have been around for past several years but now it is becoming major, those elements are fundamentally importanting when sitting up your Social media marketing, marketing campaigns in 2018


It seems that the entire design world is become more and more crazy about typography and why not! Typography is a very beautiful design element and can easily enrich any design. However, in 2018, we expect to see typography incorporated in all types of design, meanwhile, the trend seems to move towards bold large and attention demanding letters.

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Designs will not only include a basic type element as titles and body text rather it will use type as a design element to create visual compositions, we can expect to see thin parts of letters removed, dripping text and 3D type is in action too.

Design for Mobile

This is a very important factor and dynamic in design recently and will be major in 2018 as designing a responsive version of your site will not be enough anymore. Designing specifically for mobile and for the user’s experience on mobile is something all designers are turning to. Therefore, we should see in 2018 a lot of sites providing a full user experience on mobiles that is designed specifically for mobile users.

Vivid colors

probably this is one of the easiest factors to anticipate right after Instagram re-branding and the new red of YouTube. Now many companies and designers are moving towards vivid bright colors to demand attention by force maybe, however, we started to see many examples where designers incorporated vivid and bright colors while maintaining a minimalist overall style which produced perfect results.


Another direction to watch for in 2018 is the use of gradient instead of drop shadows to give colors depth and density , while the use of gradient can be tricky if you are after a clean look and feel for your piece, it is possible to apply gradients they are part of the brand itself. We mention here Instagram re-branding as a good example.


Cuteness is back, lots of professional designers are  communicating the ideas through very brilliant and attractive illustrations, while this is an easy option for business with fun and dynamic outlook it is not that easy for companies with serious and corporate look and feel, however, the good news is that illustrations come with a wide variety of styles that it is probably possible for any business to find a style that fits their identity.

Design in Abu Dhabi


From complex and rich website intros and short movies, to small button animations, all are in business! It is surely a trend in 2018 that designing will relay more on animation to complete the design or maybe it is safe to say that design and animation complete the entire user experience which comes first.

December 11, 2021

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