Wazzapp Social Media - Trends of Social media in 2018

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Few feeds and interesting things to refresh on where the social media is heading in 2018! We still have 5 months to go!


Live streaming

Live streaming still as good as new!, actually many business and individuals are increasingly utilizing this tool to the maximum reach and build stronger fan base and that is due to the fact that Live streaming is preferred by followers and fans as it is transparent and puts them in the now and brings to the spontaneity with all the fun it brings with it.

Top used are still Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope and Younow

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Live Streaming

Social Media Listening

As strange as it sounds, it is true, social media now offers solutions to listen to what your fans and followers or even users in general! It captures keywords and hashtags!

How it works?  It’s about extracting key insights from social conversations that you can apply to your overall strategy.

This gives enormous advantages to enhance the strategy through marketing insights to enrich the analysis and leverage the engagement to the next level.

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Extracting key insights from social media

User Generated Content

The content is drastically moving towards empowering the user to create it. Many platforms and brands are now leaving the content itself and focus on providing the users with tools to create the content.

User is the of attention is becoming a rule again and with the case of social media, users just love to have the ability to create content as they like to and use it in ways they prefer! If you have tools the users can use to create content then you secured yourself a good seat! 


User-generated content is growing and will continue to grow in 2019

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User Generated Content

Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is another type of content that is growing big in 2018 and will continue for few years to come. We actually think it is the future of all content.


Users want to be live even on the internet, and ephemeral content is a great way for that, it provides so much little attachment to the content that the user can create any content without having to be stuck with it for long.

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Instagram stories is a good example of ephemeral content


Paid Advertising

Sad but it is true, if you want to hit big numbers then you have to use paid advertising specially on social media platforms, the clutter is so much everywhere that it is just way to difficult to make it to the audience without the support of the platform itself! how do you get that? you buy ads.

Now the situation is that even if you do your homework and create killer content, you hire a great company to shoot the perfect video or you bring the best food stylist or you study a subject thoroughly to write a perfect article, you still have to deliver this piece of great content to the audience to see it and that is a near impossible when you are targeting a national level without paid ads.

Now despite how unpleasant situation that sounds that your great work can't sell itself without paid ads, but when analyse the cost of time, effort and you compare the results it becomes clear that it is worth it.

Additionally, the added value that platforms now provide through the tools they make available for monitoring and building the advertising campaigns are worth the premium paid and the results are definitely justifying the dollars paid.

Without Paid Vs Paid

October 2, 2018

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