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Effectiveness is key

In this example we illustrate our approach to handling projects of any type, the example is discussing mobile application project, however, it is the same approach we take to everything we do!

Start the engine

We start our projects with brainstorming to identify important data for developing a project plan such as Ideal end results of the project, Projects objectives and what is expected of the project, availability of resources, client level of involvement, deadlines and time span and Budgeting

 ABu Dhabi Marketing

Finally some is here

Our proposal for this particular case was a mobile application supported with a website to provide communication channels that fulfill the requirements.

As the project is to develop a platform for general public to access retail offers available in their city, we have designed a unique and outstanding user experience to ensure pleasant interaction for users with active consideration to different preferences of different users.

Additionally, the solution considered the other side of the deal which is the advertisers and accordingly the design of the user experience provided the advertisers with features to fulfill their requirements as well as to monitor the performance of their listings.

 ABu Dhabi Marketing ABu Dhabi Marketing

Let's talk Gibberish

The app is developed for IOS using Objecive-C and an android edition is developed too supported with a website using Angular JS for frontend, Socket JS and Node Js for chat management and Mongo DB for database and PHP based Laravel framework for Server communication. 

A demo solution is launched on our server so client can test the functionality and user experience so once the client is satisfied the solution is migrated to client’s custody.

 ABu Dhabi Marketing ABu Dhabi Marketing ABu Dhabi Marketing

Get it out there

Several video explainers and advertisement designs where developed for this project to be used on several platforms like Facebook advertising, Intagram campaigns and Youtube business video listing as well as SMS marketing and email marketing too.

 ABu Dhabi Marketing ABu Dhabi Marketing ABu Dhabi Marketing ABu Dhabi Marketing

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Abu Dhabi established in 2013 and provides several advertising and branding services grouped in three main categories, Design solutions, Digital Solutions and outdoor media & production.

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