Brand is a collection of attributes of a promised experience to be fulfilled


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The history of branding goes back to when a company found a successful mix that clients loved and decided to provide that exact mix to clients every time!

The capture of that mix is the core concept of branding and therefore, a brand is a collection of promises on the brand attribute to the customers.

Consistent and unified delivery are major elements in the formula of the success of any brand in creating the right image.

Brand Personality

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When engineering a solution for a need of the consumer then we are actually branding the solution. Branding then is all the answers to how the product will look like, how it will be presented, how it will fulfill the need and what emotional and rational connections the solution will build with the consumer.

We are basically identifying the brand personality and attributes which at a later stage become the brand strategy that manifests itself into a brand manual for simpler ways of use.

Connection and Intimacy

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Strong and mature brands evolved to understand that building a brand connection with consumers is the most effective way to retain them.

The connection between the brand and the user is built through many pleasant  and repeated experiences the consumer has to go through with the brand in order to develop the required relationship.

Consumers who have experienced understanding from the brand to their needs, feelings or lifestyle develop high level of brand intimacy including customer loyalty and engagement.

Therefore, business proposition and brand strategy must be built on a strong fundamental of answering the consumer that includes but not limited to preferences, values, behavior, attitude and lifestyle.


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When the matching between the brand and the audience is not correct usually that leads to miscommunication between the two.

In such situations everything stops working, advertisements do not work, consumer loyalty drops and the overall business module do not generate the expected momentum to get the ball rolling.

At Ninety Nine Advertising we initiate an audit process through which we assess the problem and identify the communication gab between the brand and the audience and we work on providing a solution.

Solutions can range from minor calibrations to the strategy to changing the entire business proposition in order to find the right match.

Rebranding is extended to the visual identity of the brand but more importantly to the message of the brand to the audience.

Branding Services


The branding and design services we provide include but not limited to:

Brand Strategy

Art Direction

Branded Spaces

Print & Corporate collaterals


Gift items & giveaways


Visual Identity Design

Brand Manual Design

Packaging design

Vehicle Wrapping

Interior Design

Brand Message & Voice


Stationary Design

Brand Templates

Environment Design

UI/UX Design

A brand manual provides clear instructions on all aspects of the brand usage from physical usage to digital.

It as well, describes the look and feel and the general voice and atmosphere of the brand.

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