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Digital Presence

+ Competency

Digital presence is now mandatory for any brand that is in the pursuit of success. customers expect to find digital presence of some sort for brands they follow, customers know it is there and it is quite a shock if found otherwise or found to be poorly maintained and not matching the brand image.

Digital presence is defined as the online channels of any brand through which the brand communicate with its audience on the internet.

This presence categorized into the social media presence and the owned channels of the brand like a website, landing page, online portal or a mobile app.

The digital presence of any brand is another opportunity for the brand to strengthen the brand image, it is like an online office, it needs to be consistent with the brand personality , it has to repeat the same message and continue to run with the same values.

Visual identity is involved too, the visual identify of the online presence of a brand has to be consistent with the brand guidelines and adhere to the brand manual. if this is achieved the customer loyalty and confidence in the brand will drastically increase.


+ Contribution

The digital presence and digital advertising can support the brand in achieving its goals as it provides to the brand another opportunity to inform, pressure or remind the customer with the brand values.

Additionally, the digital channels of any business can help support the short term objectives like promoting a business event, promotions and offers, educate about product or service benefits and features, generate leads and close sales too.

Lastly, the online presence can be the business itself in some cases, like in the business of mobile applications. Many apps today are becoming fundamental in our lives as they provide reliable solutions to tasks we need to do on daily basis like ordering food or shopping.

Online Development

+ Influence

At Ninety Nine Advertising we provide full range services of developing online channels for our clients. We base our approach on attending the functionality with special attention to ensure successful user experiences and friendly interfaces which make the those channels engaging and fun to use.

From website development, eCommerce and land pages to complicated mobile App projects we fulfill all requirments.

We hereby highlight here some of such services:

Web Development

Drupal Development

Facebook Profile

Youtube Channel

Landing Page

eCommerce site

iOS App

Linkedin Profile

Native Mobile App

Promotion Page

Joomla Development

Android App

Instagram Profile

Hybrid Mobile App

Wordpress Site

Social Media Marketing

+ Optimism

Social Media Marketing and advertising are major elements to any business, they assist the brand in the fulfilment of strategic objectives like increasing brand awareness, generating leads and educating customers.

At Ninety Nine Advertising, we fully manage the social media accounts of our clients including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and linkedin. Our Management of those accounts include setting up the social media profiles, creating strategy plan for the social media profiles, the media production and content management for the consumption of those profiles and finally engaging with the audience.

Content and activities we engage for social media management include:

Research & Strategy

Image posts




Animation videos

Product Reviews

Audience engagement

Live streaming & coverage

Contest and Prizes

Articles writing

Animated Gifs

Social Media Advertising

+ movement

Goes hand in hand with organic social media management is the social media advertising like Facebook advertising campaigns, Instagram advertising campaigns, snapchat advertising campaigns, linkedin and twitter.

To make the best out of the advertising budgets a fine selection of audience and the right material with the right conversion channels can achieve great results.

Social Media Advertising can be focused towards leads generation, brand awareness, engagement, increase customer loyalty and influence customer brand switching decisions.

ERP System & Software Development

+ Responsibility

The bless of the Digital era brought new technologies and also digital solutions to migrate the business operations to the digital world.

ERP systems can be the highlight of this section, where ERP Systems in concept go way back in time, ERP systems have evolved to utilize new technologies and softwares and provided successfully digital solutions for many aspects of the business operations like accounting softwares, CRM's, archiving software and corresponding systems.

Now the business operations undoubtedly are running smoother with more productivity, also the reporting and generating business insight has never been easier, such systems have instant reports that can provide any sort of information and metrics on the business.

The human error has been reduced and business operations became more eco friendly with paperless operations.

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