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Advertising Objectives

+ Planning

The start of any advertising effort begins with the identification of the objectives of the advertising campaign through finding and identifying clear and measurable objectives like increasing sales, brand awareness, brand recall or introduction of a new product.

The advertising effort starts by knowing what the organization wants to achieve from the campaign ideally. This decision is influenced by the organization strategy towards the brand positioning and of the current position of the brand and how it needs to move forward.

Despite the fact that each campaign can have unique set of objectives, the general advertising objectives are three which are: inform, persuade and to remind.

So based on those facts the objectives of an advertising campaign are set and the concept is developed to achieve those goals.

Some regular objectives of advertising campaigns:

Raise Awareness of the Brand, a product or a service.
Communicate Benefits
Generate leads
Encourage Brand Switching
Engaging Customers

Target Audience

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The customer is the final destination of all marketing efforts including advertising, the development of a great message is half of the battle to win the audience and the the delivery is the other half.

In Depth understanding of the audience at all levels including the demographics, consumer behavior, preference and exposure all important factors need to be identified.

The insights generated from researching those factors are the guidelines of how the advertising campaign is built, from the message development, artworks to the selection and media buying and to the media plan itself are all decisions made based on what works best with the target audience.

Message Development

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By definition, Advertising is a marketing communication conveying a message to promote or sell a product or a service to an audience.The idea is simple.

However the cornerstone of a successful advertising campaign is the message and subsequently the effectiveness of the message which relays heavily on the strength of the character of such message.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the effectiveness of advertising is majorly based on the concept development of the advertisement.

The basis of developing a strong message is connecting with the audience at a fundamental level through understanding how they feel, or what they admire or what they want to be or what their priorities and so on.

The connection can be made through tapping smartly on the right values of the audience by using the right appeal that can be either Rational Appeal or Emotional appeal and each of those two categories provide number of appeals to select from when designing an advertising campaign.

Media Planning & Buying


When planning the advertising campaign, smart planning of the media vehicles like TV commercials, radio spots, outdoor advertising on hoardings, lampposts, bridge advertisements and building wraps plays a significant role in the success of the campaign. The right selection create shortcuts to success through utilizing the allocated budgets to generate the maximum impact and strong delivery.

Therefore, Selecting the right combinations and planning the schedule of running the advertisement to achieve the reach and impact is a very crucial step towards a successful advertising campaign.  

Next to our strong ability to plan a strong advertising campaigns. Ninety Nine Advertising utilizes its business relationships with the vendors to book the best timings and obtain the best rates available in the market for its clients which allow more advertising with the same budget and more effectiveness.

Additionally, we provide our clients with more value by making the best media production services available to ensure we give the best to our clients.

Advertising Opportunities

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We provide a comprehensive product offering of advertising opportunities to our clients to fulfill all the objectives of any media plan, of which we mention:

Those are some of the opportunities, for digital advertising you can visit our digital business page - Click Here

Focused Advertising

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Focused advertising can help brands in certain objectives specially when it is leads generation, this mechanism uses advertising on channels with high numbers of the targeted audience, like a brand sells sports products can focus its advertising efforts on an active sports website that has a high number of visitors from a certain geographical area.

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