Vehicle Wrapping is one thing that without quality execution it can be a waste. It is important to have strong execution team behind your project to ensure meeting deadlines with quality finishing.

Signage & Way Finding

The positioning of your sign is a key determinant of how people experience your store. Generally, visitor’s mood and their approach to your brand are affected by the positioning of your signs. The whole process of sign placing demands a complete understanding of consumer behavior. It also demands the knowledge of the art of brand building and communication.


Daily, businesses get challenged to communicate better and more effectively with their targets. Through communication, they try to influence decision making of targets at point of purchase. Here, we understand what perfect positioning of signs means for any business. Hence, we provide the necessary know-how needed throughout the installation of signs. We study your business environment to know what signs mean to it and where best to install them.

Vehicle Wrapping

whether you want to have a simple design photograph in a small part of your car or you are looking to have a full vehicle wrap done, it is important that you know all customization options on offer by the vehicle wrapping company that you choose. Today, there are so many businesses using vehicle wrapping as a means of promoting their products and services. Hence, the need to do better if you are looking to enjoy success with your use of vehicle wrapping. The best way to do this is to have your vehicles spotting a design that reflects the truth about who you are and what you do as a business. These designs, no matter how small they are, should also be able to show how you differ from your competitors.

Vehicle Wrapping

We are a professional advertising firm in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and we’ve positioned ourselves to help you easily achieve your promotional goals using vehicle wrappings. We understand your need for vehicle wrappings that show off your business in the best light of what it does. Ninety Nine Advertising offers vehicle customization options that will allow you to make the best out of your marketing investment, exploring different configurations, styles, and designs, to find what fits your corporate image perfectly.

Window Graphics

Whether you believe it or not, your storefront contributes largely to determine how your target customers see your brand. After all, it is one of the first things visitors notice about your business. There’s, therefore, every need to perfect it with the best graphics that will represent your brand well. Window graphics generally make an impact on prospective customers. Leaving your building bare would cause negative effects on your brand. Your windows, doors, and store walls are all prime spaces that you can leverage on to convey key messages about your brand.

As part of our expertly handle production services, we will work closely with you to create clear and crisp promotional decals and clings that fits your business.

one way vision stickers

Get ready to adopt the use of professionally printed window graphics in leveling up your storefront, sales, and business.

Building Wrapping

Building wraps often make their impact on retail spaces. Lots of businesses are beginning to see what building wraps can do for them in terms of advertising opportunities and overall aesthetics.

ALso it it is proven to provide businesses with a unique promotional opportunity. Well, good building wraps can go a long way in attracting targets to featured products, promotions, and brands. You can adopt the use of building wraps today to stand your business out from competitors because customers often tend to judge your services by the looks of your building.

Building wraps can be used for covering a large part of a building. There’s a need to design building wraps in ways that give consumers a glance into the image of your business. While most businesses use business wraps for advertising, it also serves for covering up business sites and reducing the spread of dust. Whatever your need, our team of graphic design experts can handle the design and installation of your entire wall wrap, fixing it in ways that will give a perfect representation of your brand.

Environmental Branding

Your business environment should always reflect your brand positioning and everything your business stands. It is one of the most powerful tools available to business executives to enliven and encourage employees, as well as introduce clients, prospects, and other businesses to the unique culture and image of your brand. Some of the areas of environmental branding that you should consider include:

  • Office and feature space design. Keeping your office space comfortable and functional is very important. Creating a space where the tasks and goals of employees are celebrated helps to boost productivity, allowing work to be done with a greater level of satisfaction. By visually encouraging employees to give their best and enjoy the brand, you are setting them up to impact your business positively.
  • Art installations. You can also inspire creativity around the office environment by developing and installing unique arts around the workspace. Depending on the desired effects, your choice of art can either be subliminal or explicit, as long as it helps to unlock potentials and increase employee satisfaction.
Wall stickers

We can help you set your business environment up to inspire employees and help members of your external environment to understand what your business is about.

Exhibition stands

We provide a complete service in regards to exhibitions stands. From designing stage to installation and removal, we have it all covered for you.  

Exhibition stand

We provide double decker stands equipped with private meeting rooms for maximum engagement. Additionally our design services can accommodate all types of requests of our clients

Offset Printing

This is another production service that we handle. Offset printing is primarily used for larger quantity of print jobs. This type of printing does not just result in higher quality; it also helps for cost-effectiveness when high volume quantities are to be printed. When you need a substantial volume of business cards, flyers, postcards, and spec sheets, offset printing is your easy go-to solution for high quality at affordable prices.

 Large Format Printing

As a medium for advertising, this printing format has risen to popularity over the years. From the name, you can tell that its primary goal is to support maximum print roll width. When you need top quality banners, wallpapers, posters, murals and more, this is the right service to turn to. They are ideal for products with graphic-heavy designs. Here, we have a team that is expert in this area of production, so, you can trust us to handle all large format printing for you.

Other services that we offer include flags and flag poles installation for business and residential space installation as well as 3D letters Cutout.

3D Letters Cutout

3D letters Cutout are the new trend for showing off the identity of a business. They appear stylish and attractive on first sight. We can help to create them in ways that would look more attractive to your target customers while telling the story of what your brand stands for.

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