5 Reasons Video Marketing is a Must for any business.


In recent years, video marketing have become the best type of content that any business can use. This is because videos payback the cost of video production plus profit. But how can videos do that so easily and way better than most of the other types of content.

The secret is user engagement. It is so easy to see that videos engage users with higher rates in comparison to other types of content. Therefore, brands use videos to influence customers to take action or increase the awareness of the brand.

To understand how videos work and why they have such power to engage users, we list below a few facts about video marketing

Videos Are Easy To Watch.

Because the human eyes naturally follow motion, which is instinctive, a video would need less effort to engage a user. To explain, when you read an article, it is your job to build a visual representation of what you read. While on the contrary to that, you just watch a video, because the scene is already there.

This is why an interesting video won’t ask permission to engage a user; you will just find yourself watching it. In fact, Videos are so powerful that it can hijack person’s attention from what he is doing. This is why the navigation system in your car always reminds you to stay focused on driving and not to be distracted.

Videos Are Where The Viewer Needs Them To Be.

Smart mobile phones with internet connection are still a baby. This is true because the TV has been there for more than 70 years. Also the radio has almost 100 years in and the press has been there for way more time than both of them.

People love using smartphones because they are convenient.  Mobiles let you enjoy content while you are on the go. For instance, to watch your favorite TV show or read a newspaper, chances are you need a certain setup. Quite the opposite, you can view content on a mobile anywhere and anytime. For this reason, mobiles have large numbers of users with high usage rates and long durations of usage too.

Here comes the beauty of videos marketing . Because videos are so easy to watch, they are the best content for mobile users who need something that can go along with the “on the go” mode, light and friendly, and that is videos. Users engage with their mobiles majorly when they are on the go and videos come very handy at such modes. Actually, it is just easier to watch a video while on the bus rather than read an article.

In short, videos allow brands to connect with customers at the slightest chance they become available.

Video Marketing Make Things Easier To Understand.

Videos can explain business concepts or procedures in user-friendly visuals. Hence, with a nicely filmed video, you can make the information simple so customers really understand what you want to say to them.

The secret to this is that videos give an experience to the viewer rather than data. This is because it removes jargon and expressions from the message. Also, it makes the message simple enough for users with different capacities and skills to understand the message. With videos you can really talk to the mass at once.

Videos Have The Power To Stimulate Emotions.

With a professionally made video you connect with the viewers on a personal level. To explain, notice that when you watch a video, you are no longer an outsider to the story. Many people cry during movies, simply because they become part of the story, the movie speaks to them on a personal level. To support this, Many TV shows warn the viewers to “not try this at home”, because videos influence the viewer’s effectively.

With this, brands increase the brand’s intimacy levels among the customers. They aim to convince the viewer that the brand identifies with his core values and the brand just gets it.

Videos Just Have A Lot To Offer.

Videos can have many elements such as music, songs, cute animations and characters to entertain the viewer. This allow more time for the message of the video to be delivered to the viewer.

Also such video production tools allow the content to reach to wider demographics at once. Videos can have subtitles to break the language barriers. Also videos can appeal for different age brackets at the same time.


It is a fact, Videos are very effective in promoting your brand to your audience. Also, it can convert customers and influence buying decisions. It can increase brand awareness and recall. Therefore, every business should consider video marketing among its marketing strategies.

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