Video, Audio and photography are all top vehicles for your message

Video Production

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Ninety Nine Advertising open all possibilities to clients to communicate with the audience and one of those best possibilities is videos which is considered by far one of the best tools to deliver the advertising message.

Generally, a message communicated to audience through a video is instantly consumed  due to the nature of the video which is self explanatory through the being of the message, it creates a great opportunity to connect with the audience through the demonstration of a dream or explaining a solution to a problem.

Ninety Nine Advertising provide the following video production services in Abu Dhabi

TV commercial production
Infographic animations
2D animations
3D animations
Character modeling
Corporate videos and tours
Documentary movies and interviews.

The videos we produce have strong impact because we create storyboard based on solid concept and idea which is built to create a connection with the audience with the required sensitivity to demographics, language, attitude and preferences of the viewer.

Therefore, we catch through our movies the right story that connects with the audience instantly and create the impact we are looking for.

We create storyboards, write scripts, illustrate scenes, animate and then sync the voice over and sound effects and finally produce for our clients the output in all formats to be used on screens and social media platforms easily and instantly.

Audio Production

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We produce all audio requirements covering all possible requirments of our client including but not limited to:

Radio Commercials
IVR Recording
Voice Over
Background Music

We provide all Audio production and post production services according to client's requirements and needs.


+ Visual

"A picture is worth a thousand words" we can not agree enough with this statement, photography catches stories and some photos have changed the world and created impact on an international level.

Beyond the technicalities of light and color theory and the level of the equipment advancement, photography still run with the basic old rule - Catch a story - and this is what we do with photography project.

Our artist are well experienced in catching moments and emotions and put them inside a frame, for the projects we hired for we document memories and bring the dynamics of the business into focus.

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