Marketing has evolved far more than it was a few years back. In fact, these days, video production has become one of the best advertising investments that any small business can make.

Most executives of big ad agencies already agree to the fact that advertising via online videos is as important as running commercials on through traditional media. These videos can come as “how-to videos,” or direct advertising just the way you’ll typically see them on Facebook. Lots of companies are also working towards making viral video marketing campaigns ranging from quirky to bizarre. If done rightly, promotional videos have the power to generate magnificent brand awareness without the need to spend much.

Whatever your goal is, from telling the story of your business, to educating potential customers, or highlighting the services that you offer, you need expertise to get the job done correctly. In case you are not sure where to start, then there’s no need been afraid about it. We can help you produce the best videos that will attract the right targets to your business. Getting started is easy. Just contact us with your business goals, and we will fashion out videos that will suit your business objectives, driving the right targets to your brand. Take a look at some of the services that we can expertly handle under video production:

Corporate Videos

Production of corporate videos is one easy method that entrepreneurs adopt to build customer trust, explain complex products, develop brand identity, train staffs, and even so much more. With the recent rise of both corporate video production and views, more and more business executives are beginning to see the production of corporate videos as a necessity that should be in their marketing plans.

A recent study conducted by Forbes even revealed that more than 75% of business executives watch videos that are related to work on business websites. Hence, being a B2B business executive doesn’t exempt you from creating engaging videos that are targeted at your desired audience. A lot is thrown into the production of corporate videos, and it can get confusing to smaller businesses that are still trying to wrap their heads around the technical aspects. We are an expert advertising firm in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and we can help you fashion and build corporate videos. We understand the stress it takes to run other aspects of your business, and we are willing to take the burden away by handling all corporate video production for you.

TVC Production

When you see beautiful TV commercials expertly planned and delivered, do you ever ask how it comes about? There’s always a lot of work going on between the production of those beautiful TV commercials and airing them. As a goal-driven business executive, you want to always make sure that your TV commercials are hitting the right places and bringing you the best rate of conversion.

Of course, that’s a complicated process, but with the right team on board, you can plan a TV commercial that brings you the result you desire. We have experts in this area that can help throughout the process from TVC planning to production and even post-production. We are willing to help you achieve the best ROI for your TV commercials, protecting your brand in the best possible way to reach and entice potential customers.

Documentary Film

Storytelling has become the buzzword in today’s marketing scene, and naturally, video contents are channeled towards this method of communicating brand identity. Documentary videos take the idea of storytelling a few steps further. If stories are popular for its appeal universally, then a well shot documentary video offers a more significant means to deliver brand stories than most traditional short-form videos would do.

Documentary videos provide brands with an opportunity to use the stories of other people to communicate unique information that they want you to know about themselves. It gives brands a big shot towards creativity, as they look to target their desired audiences using specifically tailored contents that will stand them out from the crowd. We can handle all the creativity and work behind creating an excellent documentary video for any business. Let us tell your brand story in an exceptional way that will trigger the emotions of most people in your target market.

2D/3D Animation

Since the invention of animation videos, it has gradually gained mainstay and today a lot of people irrespective of age and location watch animation videos at different points in their lives. Animation videos are great ways to explain concepts, products, and even processes in ways that are simple to understand. They combine entertainment with detailed and efficient communication of the message.

Here, was can help you throughout the process of creating animated videos, sticking to the guidelines and tone of your brand. We offer all these cost-effectively and efficiently to ensure that your ROI is guaranteed. Some of the areas or 2D/3D animation video production that we handle include:

  • Motion graphics
  • Logo animation
  • Explainer video
  • 2D/3D Animation and 3D modeling
  • Event graphics presentations, among others.

Radio Commercials

There’s probably no better medium to reach your target audience in local and remote areas as a marketer than through radio commercials.

Radio commercials take the message about your products to the depths of even the most remote areas. Quite a good number of listeners often hold some undefined loyalty to particular radio stations, leading them to trust adverts in those stations more. As a marketer, your job is to research what station your targets are most affiliated to, then design an advertising campaign that will take your desired message to them. Since time immemorial, radio has been a daily habit to a large section of any societies population. Why go through the stress of trying to wrap your head around the best ways to handle radio advertising, then you should be thinking of other ways to grow your business.

We are a professional advertising agency in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and we have everything you need to take care of planning and producing an effective radio campaign. We also utilize the best stations relevant to your product and services so that you can reach the exact audience that you seek.

Other services that our team is expertly positioned to handle include Voiceover recording, Music Composing, and IVR Recording.

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