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Most businesses have a common question in their mind, i.e., what is the effective and best way to deliver a message to the customers or create solid brand awareness? Well, you can take the help of different marketing methods, but to enjoy the best results, you can always trust banner printing services of Ninety Nine Advertising to promote your brand by creating an attractive and beautiful banner. A banner can easily draw the passerby and customers’ attention instantly. Now, let’s talk about the different types of banners that you can choose from.

Banner is a type of materials mostly composed of a mix of plastic based elements used for printing large format graphics for different purposes such as wedding banners, fence banners, to “let sign” banners or any particular event banner.  Banners can be done from different material and the most common types are vinyl or PVC banner, fabric banner and mesh banner.

Banner printing in Abu Dhabi

Vinyl banners
PVC banners

Made from a plastic comprised of ethylene and chlorine, which when combined form polyvinyl chloride or PVC. PVS banner is an extremely durable, water resistant, weather proof material that is unlikely to tear.

PVC banners are attached to walls, fencing, gates, poles or their own stand using bungee straps or cords inserted through grommets, or reinforced holes, placed at intervals around the banner edge

Banner printing in Abu Dhabi
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MEsh Banners

If light passing is a requirement then mesh banners is the answer. Mesh banners are used where daylight needs to pass through the banner.

Mesh Banners are made from intersecting layers of vinyl pressed together to form an extremely strong and lightweight base material that allows wind to pass through without the risk of tearing or damage.

Ninety Nine Advertising’s mesh banners are generally printed on around 10 to 15 oz scrim vinyl with crisscrossed fibers. These are generally used for outdoor advertisement purposes and can withstand strong wind and harsh weather conditions.

For good quality mesh banners, it is advisable to choose the best banner printing Abu Dhabi services offered by Ninety Nine Advertising.

Banner printing in Abu Dhabi
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Fabric Banners

Ninety Nine Advertising is a leading Fabric Banners supplier in Abu Dhabi. Fabric banners are a great promotional solution for shopping canters, sports arenas, exhibitions, conferences, roadshows and much more.

Whether you need a fabric banner to promote your business or sporting event or you need a pull up banner for internal use to promote your latest product or showcase and event, we can help with our industry leading fabric printing.

All our fabrics for outdoor use have been tested to withstand the elements and can be used for permanent displays.

Banner printing in Abu Dhabi
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Lamp Post Banners

Lamp post promotional banners or advertising lamppost banners are great way to attract views and support your marketing activity at tradeshows or malls advertising campaigns or even at your premises where the space allows for the use of hanging advertising banners.

Display your message from a lamp post or a wall. Brackets can be moved for adjustable height. Brackets are made from weather-proof aluminum castings and GRP tubes.

Banner printing in Abu Dhabi
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Hoarding Board Printing

The advantage of hoardings is the cost saving when comparing the cost of production to the large sizes displays that becomes available for your brand. This  is very economical and cost effective solution for generating views and awareness of your brand objectives.

Hoarding board printing has different applications, such as Construction site hoarding boards and public advertising spaces as well as malls hoardings.

Banner printing in Abu Dhabi
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fence banners

Fence banners are designed to take advantage of the size and impact that Heras fence panels have.

Fencing covers use mesh to reduce wind loading. Full color printed using UV ink technology for vibrant, hard-wearing and weather proof performance.

Complete with strong stitched hems and metal eyelets. Fence panel covers provide a superb outdoor advertising opportunity to promote your project or brand.

Banner printing in Abu Dhabi
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Backlit flex banners

Backlit flex banners or a light box is very attractive advertising boxes to display the marketing messages and attract the attention of customers.

Backlit flex banners have many applications such as outdoor building signs, in-store displays, outdoor advertising hoardings, businesses and office signs, hotel wall murals, restaurants and cafes signs, visitor attraction displays and airports lightbox advertisements to mention some of the many uses they achieve do perfectly.

Banner printing in Abu Dhabi
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Banner printing in Abu Dhabi

Our Range of Products

At Ninety Nine Advertising, our range of services extends from basic 2D & 3D signboards to roll-up stands & foam board stickers.

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