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High QUality Signages

Quality is a definition

The first measure set in place for assuring the quality of the manufacturing process and eventually the final product, is the defining quality.

We define quality as to produce an end product which is a perfect solution for client's needs while maintaining high standards of durability, performance, functionality and value of money.

We always keep the customer's perspective in mind.

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Quality is a cluture

We believe at Ninety Nine Advertising in the fact that quality is a culture. This message is reinforced daily with every activity that happens at levels of the company.

Abu Dhabi Signage

Quality is raw material

The quality assurance starts with the first input which is the materials used in manufacturing.

At Ninety Nine Advertising, we have found a fine balance between profitability and investing in long term business relationships with our client. This is not just a moto, rather an actual principle we practice every day. Hence, we use high quality material in manufacturing signboards and promotional display items and we never compromise on this element.

While this keeps our profit margins at the lower end per project, it enables us to maintain a long-term business relationship with our clients and gain continuous business.

After all clients are business partners and their success is ours too. In short, we maintain customer-focused production environment.

Abu Dhabi Signage

Quality is technology

It’s impossible to bring life to your banners, wallpapers, signboards, and other graphic displays without a printer that promises high-grade color reproduction. The same applies to bringing accurate angular edges to your logos and clarity to printed text.

We are among the few signboards companies in Abu Dhabi utilizing the latest and up to date machineries for digital printing.

For that very reason, at Ninety Nine Advertising, we use the latest printing, designing, and production equipment. Our range of equipment includes a variety of high-end machinery to ensure that your custom signs turnout exactly as you imagine them.

You’re most welcome to familiarize yourself with our well-equipped and well-maintained production facility at Musaffah, MW4, Abu Dhabi.

Speed of works & Installation

We have put a system in place for all stages of our work. All processes are monitored closely and runs against target turnaround time. This is done perfectly through having well trained and professional staffs while gathering data to ensure targets are met.

Abu Dhabi Signage

Inquiry Processing and pricing

We have an active helpdesk that receives customer’s requests on the spot. The usual problems that cause delay in pricing by majority is lack of details, therefore we have put a helpdesk that is sole goal is receiving the inquiries and insuring client’s briefing includes all necessary details and ready for the estimation process.

Our helpdesk staffs are equipped with proper training and technical background. They have in-depth understanding of signage work technicalities and requirements.

They will arrange signboard site visit, they will call client back for more details, they will arrange signage letter samples.

Once all doubts are cleared, Only then an enquiry is sent to estimation department. At estimation department an enquiry is priced immediately and an official price offering is sent to client for approval.

Signages in Abu Dhabi

Production process

One of our most competitive advantages is our signage production capabilities. Our factory is well equipped with the latest technologies and machinery. Also we have well experienced and enough number of staffs.

All of these factors combined make the signage production process really quick while maintaining high standards of quality.

Its also worth mentioning that we have all processes of signage manufacturing done inhouse. This provide us with great ability to control speed of signage production and quality.  


Delivery & Installation of signages

Delivery is done with the highest standards. Simply it is quick, efficient and high quality.

To do so, we ensured to develop separate installation teams. Each team is equipped with their own gear, that includes sperate vehicles, scaffolding, tool sets, supervisor and driver too.

Therefore, We are capable of handling different sites and locations at the same time. It is also worth mentioning that we have our quality team inspecting each site before and after completing the installation jobs.

Not only that, but also contacting clients after the installation to ensure customer satisfaction.

Signages in Abu Dhabi

Unbeatable signage prices

At Ninety Nine Advertising we don’t believe in the concept of price as the sole evaluation metric for a product. We rather believe in the concept of value for money.

A simple question to illustrate the difference between the two, is what is the best approach, buying one item for 10 Dirhams that is high quality, durable and has warranty extended on it for 2 years or to buy 1 product for 8 dirhams and replacing it for the same price the following year.

Matured companies that have been in business long enough understand that the concept of value for money is the right approach to go with.

Our clients understand these rules because we have provided the highest quality possible to them and therefore, they experienced durability and effective functionality for years after buying.

We also extend warranties on our signage to ensure the well keeping of these products for years after installation.

We offer well priced products since we have ensured the best pricing of raw materials from our suppliers. We also ensured wastage-free production process and also we have ensured the effectiveness of our operations.

We can confidently state that going below the prices we furnish to our customers can only be done by compromising one or more of the many dynamics that affect the end product. However, we our general pricing approach remains to the same, and it is investing in long term business relationship with our clients.

Our Range of products

At Ninety Nine Advertising, our range of services extends from basic 2D & 3D signboards to roll-up stands & foam board stickers.

Here’s a glance at our products:

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Signages in Abu Dhabi

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