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Where to by flags in Abu Dhabi?
The answer is NInety Nine Advertising, a flags printing supplier in Abu Dhabi from Promotional Flags to UAE Flags to advertising Teardrop flags

Amongst the many forms of advertising and marketing tools used by businesses to promote their brand and product, an often-overlooked option is that of Promotional flags. Promotional and advertising flag can draw potential customers into your premises or attract attention at an outdoor event

Ninety Nine Advertising is a Leading Advertising Flags Supplier in Abu Dhabi. We provide all types of Promotional Flags, Advertising Flags and country flags such as UAE flags.

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Advertising Teardrop Flags printing

Teardrop flags are very flexible advertising flags since they can be printed on one side or both sides. Also can be printed in black and white or a full color printing option.

These promotional flags are very effective to draw attention and bring life to your business events and store promotions.

Teardrop flags can be mounted on different types of bases to provide stability according to site conditions.

Small: 210cm x 82cm
Medium: 262cm x 110cm
Flag Size: 330cm x 110cm

Teardrop flag Abu Dhabi
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SAIL Flag printing
Feather Flags

Curve Top flags, Feather flags or Advertising Sail flags are great options for a stylish and sturdy promotion of your business. The top is always curvy while the lower side of the flag can be curved to the inside, curved to the outside or simple flat as in the photo.

With this advertising flag you can display your brand name, event name or your logo with business information such as a phone number, website, or email address

Small: 200cm x 85cm
300cm x 85cm
400cm x 85cm

curve top flag Abu Dhabi
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Promotional L-Shape Flags printing

L shape flags supplier in Abu Dhabi providing one side and double sided printed advertising flags.

These L Shape Flags can be done from knitted polyester for single side printing or from satin gloss or matte finish.

LShape Flags are great for Advertising and Promotional use  Powerful Statement Indoors and Outdoors.

Flag: 200cm x 90cm
Pole: 300cm

Flag: 300cm x 90cm
Pole: 400cm

curve top flag Abu Dhabi
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Telescopic banners are perfect for outdoor displays and drawing attention to a location. They are often used on pavements or near the entrance to an event or exhibition, or to highlight businesses inside an industrial or office park.

Flag: 260cm x 100cm
Pole: 400cm

Flag: 385cm x 100cm
Pole: 500cm

curve top flag Abu Dhabi
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Hoisting FLAGS

Hoisting Flags can have a couple of different finishes which affect the way that they can be hoisted. The most common finish is a rope and toggle.

Hoisting Flags offer a variety of options such as Satin Glossy Double Sided, German Knitted Polyester Single Sided or Double Sided Banner Fabric.

The Flag poles material is available in aluminum, GI, Fiber or Stainless Steel while the base is from heavy concrete with branding upon request.

Flag Size:
90cm x 120cm | 100cm x 150cm | 120cm x 180cm | custom

Poles Size:

600cm | 1000cm | 1200cm

curve top flag Abu Dhabi
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Wall Mounted Flags

Same as Hoisting Flags, wall mounted flags or angled flags offer a range of options such as Satin Glossy Double Sided, German Knitted Polyester Single Sided or Double Sided Fabric Banner.

Also called Wall mount flagpoles, These wall mounted flags elevate any area they are located. They are easily installed, easily moved, and easily viewed to give your premises a fresh look.

90cm x 120cm | 90cm x 150cm | Custom

curve top flag Abu Dhabi
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Table Flags

Table flags can be used at events or fairs where you want to subtly display your logo or slogan. It increases the recognizability of your brand and looks professional, while they take up a limited amount of space so a table flag is a simple item to increase your company's visibility at any business event.

Usually table flags or desk flags have base made from inox, steel or wood depended on what the customer require. The flag itself also made from Satin Glossy Double Sided or KnittedPolyester Single sided 

Also you can check our POP UP STANDS & BACKDROP PRINTING services

Shape options:
Standard Table Flag | Straight Shaped | Straight Pole Table Flag
Stiff Canvas Table Flag | T-Shaped Table Flag
Y-Shaped Table Flag | V-Shaped Table Flag | Tripole Table Flag

curve top flag Abu Dhabi
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Conference flag

Conference flags are usually offered either in Satin Glossy for Double Sided Flags or German Knitted Polyester for Single Sided and also available in Double Sided Banner Fabric.

Customer can choose for the conference flag finishing from different options such as Conference flags without Lace, with Lace or Tassels.

These flags make a great addition any premises and can be used as indoor Branding Flags, Office Reception flags, Government Office Flags, Board Rooms flags and Meeting Rooms flags.

Flag Size:
150cm x 100cm

Poles Material:

Gold Finish | Sliver Finish

curve top flag Abu Dhabi
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Our Range of Products

At Ninety Nine Advertising, our range of services extends from basic 2D & 3D signboards to roll-up stands & foam board stickers.

Here’s a glance at our products:

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