Why to Frosted glass stickers and office branding in the first place?

One of the best Frosted Glass Sticker suppliers in Abu Dhabi. Ninety Nine Advertising is a leading advertising and signage company providing comprehensive Branding and production services.

Branding in general is the manifestation of brand personality to the outside world. This manifestation starts internally. The spreading of the brand personality, values and mission within the offices, store and among the employees is the corner stone for a strong foundation for the brand to start building a strong presence.

Among many other branding activities such as uniforms, business cards and company vehicles branding. Internal branding is a strong element to add to your overall branding strategy.

Internal branding can be used for decorative purposes like helping the employees to remember a valuable value of the brand through a company slogan printed on a wall sticker in the office hallway to enhancing the functionality of the workspace through using frosted glass stickers to provide privacy to some designated areas in the office.

Ninety Nine Advertising as a branding and signage production company in Abu Dhabi provides several solutions to clients to achieve their branding objectives

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Frosted Glass Stickers

The names go on for this item, frosted film, frosted vinyl, privacy film, etched glass film, stained glass or frosted glass stickers, glass frosting stickers or office glass tinting are all different names of the same solution. Technically speaking, it is a partially transparent sticker that is applied on glass to provide degree of blocking of the view from one side of the glass to the other.

Frosted glass stickers suppliers are asked to install these stickers on glass for client for different purposes. One benefit of the frosted glass sticker is privacy. Frosted glass stickers are installed on the glass of meetings rooms or conference rooms or on offices with large glass windows or doors. while another advantage frosted glass sticker is the use as branding sticker.

Glass frosting stickers come in variety of textures and transparency levels such as the gradient frosted glass stickers, crystal frosted glass sticker and textured frosted glass stickers to allow creating unique and diverse frosted glass stickers designs and styles.

Ninety Nine Advertising as a frosted glass sticker company in Abu Dhabi provides the frosted sticker with reasonable rates.

Cutout Frosted Glass Stickers

Frosted glass stickers are installed in many different designs and styles to be suit the client needs and marketing strategy.

Cutout frosted glass sticker is used to produce shapes and wording such as logos, lettering and other decorative designs.

The content can be achieved by the negative space of the cutout or the cutout itself can be the intended shape.

At Ninety Nine Advertising we can customize your design to meet any need. Perhaps you want a very small graphic to fit in a tiny area? Whatever you need, we’ll make sure that you have it.

Frosted Glass sticker in Abu Dhabi
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Printed Frosted Glass Stickers

Printed frosted glass stickers is another way of using this sticker, printing of logos, lettering or decorative shapes instead of cutouts is sometimes more suitable for the brand art direction.

This is a great option while the cost is slightly higher comparing to the cutout or blank frosted glass stickers, but this option allows the client to achieve privacy while benefiting from the area of the frosted glass sticker for branding purposes.

Printing can include company's logo, patterns, designs and slogans too. For this matter, the printing can have any type of content the client desires to display on the printed frosted glass sticker.

Frosted Glass sticker in Abu Dhabi
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Blank Frosted Glass Stickers

Lastly, some clients only purpose of using frosted glass stickers is privacy and therefore they choose to go with simple blank frosted glass sticker without cutouts or printing. This is used to achieve privacy or create partitions within the works space.

While this option is with the lowest cost of all frosted glass sticker options since it does not need printing nor cutting of the content, it is still useful minimumal branding and can serve the client for privacy purposes too.

It is available in different textures and finishes so it provides a good degree of flexibility for branding purposes too.

Blank frosted glass sticker Abu Dhabi
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Our Range of Products

At Ninety Nine Advertising, our range of services extends from basic 2D & 3D signboards to roll-up stands & foam board stickers.

Here’s a glance at our products:

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