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Valuable tools provide resume writing services with rich content and user-friendly guides.

February 18, 2018

A resume is the first encounter between a candidate and a hiring manager, therefore, it is the first impression you make!

Typos and grammatical errors are common issues with resumes. Another type of issues like trying to attempt one size fit all also exist.

No matter how impressive your education or past experiences; a bad first impression can cost you heavily.

Here we would like to share some of the best available free tools online for resume writing.

1- myperfectresume.com

Several templates of resumes built professionally based on different industries, The site has a rich content on resume writing and content examples, layout, and design.

You start to build your resume by selecting a template, then the tool will navigate you through different sections asking you to fill in specific data, the review your resume and download it.

Image result for myperfectresume.com

2- resumegenius.com

You start building by selecting a template, the tool displays different templates grouped under categories named: "Popular", "Traditional", "New Arrivals" and "Creative".

Resume Genius provides a step-by-step guide throughout the process and provides a rich library of written bullet points covering all industries.

No registration required and you can start building your resume immediately.

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3- resume-now.com

Provides an online canvas with tools and templates available to select and apply.

Pop up data input guides you to fill in details and the system takes care of the rest.

by creating an account, the portal will provide you with accessibility to resume from different devices.


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