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She loves you too

Secret Sauce

It is impossible to understand women at times; although, if you know how; it is easy to make them happy.

February 18, 2018

Keep in mind; Women respond well to honest and genuine gestures, even if simple and not expensive. Here’re few ways to make her happy.

True care

Notice a change in her look without her expecting then she’s happy.

The way she is!

Her nature is different from you, Gossip is a diet and hitting speed humps is a sport. Understand and embrace this, then she’s happy.

Isn’t stupid, to her!

Activate the feminine side and share her interests. Keep an open mind and see from her perspective, then she’s happy!

Little tolerance won’t hurt

Be the first man in history to last till she calls it a day on shoe shopping, then she's happy.

Oil and water in one vessel

Be like oil and water in the same vessel don't violate each another, then she is happy!

Time cures everything

Don't put her to choose between you and a friend of hers, then she's happy.


We choose to be in relationships.

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