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The Mankousheh or Manousheh is a dough topped with dollops of labneh and thyme or slathered in zaatar, can have meat too or mix of vegetables

February 21, 2018

When the food is more than just food! 

Despite the synonyms you choose to use, all of them mean the same tasty flatbread coming from the Levant cuisine.

The Mankousheh or Manousheh is a dough topped with dollops of labneh and thyme or slathered in zaatar, can have meat too or mix of vegetables or you can have your own mix, in either way, if the Mankousheh is fresh from over it always tastes good.

Like the European cousin, Ms. Pizza, The Mankousheh can be sliced or folded and mainly an on the go food served at breakfast, at dinner or as a quick snack during the day.

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Click to visit La Tartine Instagram

Years back, a heated dispute started when I asked some friends where to try the Best Mankousheh in Abu Dhabi. Everyone suggested a different place and defended his venue with a list of reasons of where and why and how.

Listening to them, i realised my first discovery, It was not just a Mankousheh to them, it was a memory of their home country, a taste of being there, therefore; despite how easy to make a Mankousheh looks, to "the insiders", it is about the authentic and original taste it has and all that happens in "The making" which has lots of secrets to it.

After a good fifteen minutes of listening to the debate on which place to order form, we finally had a winner that everyone agreed it has the ingredients of a great Makousheh. The taste, the quality, and the richness of the ingredients with a touch of culture.

Although I could have ordered online from ZOMATO, I chose to call and see how I am being treated. A first good sign was a warm welcome with a happy inviting voice when we called to place the order! "I like this place already", I said to myself. I could tell the guy taking my order wanted me to really choose what to eat! he explained to ingredients, he told me what to expect and then he gave me options and alternatives too and he was nice enough to wait for me to decide what I really want! , I really love that!

The experiment was enough excuse for me to allow myself to eat big and that day! So I ordered The Zataar Mankousheh, the special and the regular - I needed to know the differences-, The Cheese Mankhousheh, and The Meat Mankousheh. My friends ordered The spinach and The spinach with cheese Mankousheh, Turkey with Cheese Mankousheh and The Nutella with Banana Mankousheh! and my new friend - the guy the restaurant- recommended the Taboulleh and Fatoush so I said yes to that too.

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‍Click to visit La Tartine Facebook

Another reason made everyone agree on La Tartine - I realized this once I declared I am too hangry to wait for the food to arrive- is that the food is delivered really quickly that is because the manager at La Tartine understood a Mankousheh tastes the best when hot and right from the oven.

The taste of the toasted sesame seeds, salt, and other spices such as sumac is incredible! When tasting that you just have to close your eyes and be somewhere else! it was a success and Manakesh became an addiction!

As I become a regular customer at La Tartine to realize the owner as there, I couldn't help myself but to express my love to the food he makes. Wessam - A friendly fella from Lebanon - said to me "where I come from, offering food to others is a gesture of hospitality and warmth and therefore it has to be filled with love, and that is what you have been eating here!".

I definitely recommend La Tartine anytime you want a homelike experience of great food and warm friends.

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