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Stands, banners, and posters are used by many businesses for marketing and promotions purposes. Banners and pop ups are some of the easiest ways to grab the attention of people and turn it into your product. Roll up banners and posters are used in seminars, exhibitions, and other promotional ventures by business organizations and shops.

Roll up banners need good roll up stands for display and should be used properly for advertising purposes. Here we will discuss the impression that a simple stand from Ninety Nine Advertising can have on your audience and also the types of banner stands you can use for your next marketing initiative.

Benefits Of Roll Up Stand And Pop Up

Stands like roll up stands and pop up stands are easy to use and very cheap to afford. In traditional marketing initiatives and public promotional ventures, a pop up stand works wonders. Moreover, popup banners are best for use when you are setting up a popup shop and makeshift selling point for your business. Since popup shops are very popular in malls and shopping centers, popup banners and stands are very in demand these days.

Even though brands are investing in online marketing, they also invest a lot in offline marketing tools like banners and signage because the final step of buyers’ journey is usually completed offline. Even when the final step is complete, it is important to leave a lasting impression on the users’ minds so that they return for purchases. The use of proper signage, branding, and banners is important to propagate customer loyalty and retention. We at Ninety Nine Advertising offer you the best solutions for marketing and promotions with signage and branding tools.

Roll up banner stands and pop up banner stands from Ninety Nine Advertising are preferred because of their portability and flexibility. If your brand wants to invest in outdoor marketing and advertising heavily, pop up bannerstands and roll up banners are the best ones to choose. Pop up banners and roll up banners are easy to put up with the help of stands.

You can erect roll up stands at different places so that customer footfall to your business increases. Banner stands and displays are very suitable for tradeshows and roadshows because they are easy to put up and wind up too. When you enter a competitive space like a trade show, you would want to maximize your profit without increasing the marketing costs too much. The roll up banners come to your rescue in such a situation.


Types Of Roll Up And Pop Up StandsTo Buy

There are different types of stands to use for roll up banners and pop up signage. These are the best stands for roll up banners and pop up signs.

Backdrop Stands

Backdrop stands are usually big and used for creating an attractive backdrop at different sites and for different purposes. When you want to create a backdrop at your popup shop or temporary stall to create a brand image, backdrop stands work wonders. Moreover, these days, creators and influencers are using backdrop stands to make a quick change in their surroundings and to create a suitable backdrop for their content. A backdrop roll up stand can be used for makeshift marketing initiatives, roadshows, trade shows, and meetings.

Economy Roll Up Stands

Economy roll up stands are compact and foldable so that they can be carried anywhere easily. These stands are easy to put up and are economical to buy. Economy roll up stands are also lightweight, so they can be used in any marketing initiative. Economy roll up standsas a good option to explore for small shops and outlets that want to erect signs outside of their location. These are also ideal for trade shows and exhibitions.

Flat Based Model Stand

Flat-based model stands are very slim and are used for erecting posters and banners in less space. A flat-based model stand can be used inside a shop or stall and does not need a huge space to be installed. If you have a small popup counter in an exhibition, a flat-based model banner stand is the right one to choose.

Table Top Roll Up Stand

If you want something sleek and compact in your popup shop that fulfills all the marketing goals but does not look chunky and out of place, invest in a tabletop roll up stand that can easily fit into your shop.

The tabletop roll up stands can be used to greet customers or send out a simple brand message from your pop up shop. A roll up stand or popup banner is a very simple but effective approach to outdoor, offline marketing. When you are in doubt about where to start marketing, start it from here.

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