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Workplace safety has dramatically improved in recent years. Businesses in UAE are now investing in warning sign or safety signage to promote safety and prevent injuries. A safety sign should be ensured that your message is conveyed in a loud and clear manner. Ninety Nine Advertising is a leading safety signs company in UAE.

When it comes to hiring a leading and trusted manufacturer as well as supplier of quality signage solutions, you can always trust Ninety Nine Advertising. Being a highly versatile company in UAE, we provide our clients with promotional as well as safety signage solutions. What’s more? We also make signages for interior and exterior use.

Avoid Injuries Using Safety Signs

A Warning Sign can prevent possible injuries at your workplace, and using this; you can make sure that your guests or customers and employees are well-aware of possible dangers or hazards at the workplace. Ninety Nine Advertising can offer safety signs- danger signs, traffic signs, mandatory signs and more. These can be used in gas plants, oil plants, colleges, hospitals, near warehouses, exit areas and more. We have vast experience. After handling thousands of projects successfully, we know how to scale our operations.

We Are the Best Choice for You

Ninety Nine Advertising, a leading safety sign maker in UAE, offers professional signage services to various commercial companies. After installing these safety signs, you can make your premises safe for all. Besides, you also promote your brand while increasing brand awareness.

If you are looking for a reliable signage supplier in Abu Dhabi, don’t look here and there and get in touch with us now. Our professionalism, years of expertise and impressive track record make us a top-rated signage manufacturer. Choose us and enjoy durable signages that can serve the purposes.

Create Your Signs Now!

We bring you an easy-to-use safety sign making tool to create free safety signs. Create them now and download them to use instantly. You can easily browse through our collection of safety signs and customize them based on your requirements. Well, if you have any confusion, please feel free to get in touch with our signage experts now.


Type Of Safety Signs That You Can Use

• Prohibition Signs

Prohibition safety signs come in white and red color, effectively signalizing the possible danger. They generally feature a clear “do not” symbol along with a prohibited action on the signs. Some signs may include text.

• Traffic Signs

We create quality Traffic signage to promote road safety. These signs are silent speakers on the roads. Be it a pedestrian or a person driving the vehicle, they all should have sound knowledge of different traffic signs. We create signs that can offer a clear and simple message.

• Warning Signs

Are you looking for durable hazard warning signs? Visit Ninety Nine Advertising now. We offer signs that can be used to inform people about the presence of hazardous materials and hazards. It is generally recognized as a yellow-colored triangle along with a black border. Besides, there will be a pictogram made of solid black color on the sign. The design makes it easier to see from a distance.

• Mandatory Safety Signs

These signs effectively indicate that people must take a certain action before entering the premises. For example, sanitizing hands before entering your store. In general, there will be well-designed and easy-to-understand white pictograms on a circle coloured with blue. You can also download these signs from our website and print them out without any license.

• Fire Equipment Safety Signs

These signs can be square and rectangular and generally feature a bright white symbol or text on a bright red background. You can use these for a fire extinguisher, fire ladder or fire alarm signs.

• Fire Exit Safety Signs

This is used to inform the visitors or customers of a building or mall that the nearest fire exits. They are green and white.

• Photoluminescence Signs

These signs don’t require battery power orelectricity to work. They can be illuminated through radioluminescence orphotoluminescence. As no power outlet is required, the installation process isvery easy and fast.

Apart from these, we also offer Construction Sing, Road Signage and custom-made safety signs in different colors, sizes and shapes. Get in touch with us now for more detail.

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Our Range of products

At Ninety Nine Advertising, our range of services extends from basic 2D & 3D signboards to roll-up stands & foam board stickers.

Here’s a glance at our products:

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